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Dear Life Chapel,

We understand that the reports regarding Coronavirus are concerning and we wanted you to know that your health and well-being is important to us. We are currently monitoring the situation closely and will be prompt to implement the full recommendations of the Australian Government to make sure that our church family is kept safe throughout this season. The Government has advised against mass gatherings of more than 500 people from Monday. We are below that number so we will be gathering however in this time we are implementing some changes to ensure we keep everyone safe at Life Chapel.

Keeping Life Chapel Covid-19 Safe

  1. Youwillnoticeatthedoorswewillhaveourhostsgreetingyoulikealways however we will not be shaking hands or hugging people as you enter. We


  2. Handsanitizerwillbeonthecounterasyouwalkin.

  3. Wehave6washingstationsthroughouttheCockburnYouthCentrethis

    includes one in each kids room.

  4. Wewillnotbetakingcommunionuntilwereceivespecialpre-packedand

    sealed communion that is on order and will arrive shortly.

Can we encourage you to pray!! Remember that the church is by definition a community of faith, not a community of fear. That said, we do want to be wise and will be taking the following practical measures:


If you have flu like symptoms or if you or a family member have returned from a moderate-risk country and have presented with flu-like symptoms, then it is important that you refrain from attending any Life Chapel activities for a minimums of 14
This includes our Sunday Service, Life Groups, Youth gatherings.

This also applies to anyone that has travelled to a high-risk nation or has been in direct contact with someone who has. The 14-day self-isolation will be required of everyone who has travelled to mainland China, Iran, Italy, South Korea as per the Health Department’s recommendations.


If you are unwell, self-isolating, or are diagnosed with COVID-19, then please don’t go through this alone. We would like you to let us know by email so that we can cover you in prayer and give you the pastoral care you need.


For now, our Sunday services are a great place to be. Come full of faith to our services. We’re continuing to believe that God is all powerful and continues to build His Church from strength to strength.

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church and For everyone’s well-being, please refrain from


physical contact.

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Our Kids Ministers will be regularly washing hands throughout the program and will not allow any child with flu-like symptoms to take part in our programs.


For anyone unable to attend our Sunday services we will for the first time this weekend be video recording our services and have a delayed stream at 7:30pm. You will be able to watch and join us in our amazing service via our app or website. There is also an opportunity for you to bring your tithe through direct debit. The details are on click on ‘GIVE’ at the top left of the website for
details. Alternatively you can tithe through the Life Chapel App (available for iPhone or Android).

Finally, let’s remember that how we live and the way we respond to any crisis is meant to be different to the prevailing culture around us. This is an opportune moment for us to share the hope we have in Christ to a world desperate for answers.

Praying for divine health and protection for you and your family.

Ps John & Sarah Mezbourian Lead Pastors
Life Chapel